For an entire explanation from the rules and methods, see the College’s beginner Judicial signal plan, which is available at (click “Current Students” then “Student Policies”) or even in any office of graduate longevity of each campus or website.

For an entire explanation from the rules and methods, see the College’s beginner Judicial signal plan, which is available at (click “Current Students” then “Student Policies”) or <a href=""></a> even in any office of graduate longevity of each campus or website.


Adopting the objective and school of thought of Delgado Community College, the Louisiana Community and Technical institution process aboard of managers, and guidelines on the status of Louisiana, it’s considered that true fraternalism is nurtured simply in an environment of public and moral responsibility. In addition, hazing is known is contradictory employing the obligations of Greek and/or more individual communities to do protected, helpful pupil knowledge. The fact that individual may be prepared to submit voluntarily to hazing certainly not diminishes the College’s responsibility to stay away from these techniques.

To get rid of the unsafe rehearse of hazing, Delgado society university has actually implemented below policy becoming accompanied by all people, college student communities (most notably not limited by Greek corporations, bars, and running organizations), organizations and individuals on their campuses. No pupil organization will be utilize a course of pupil initiation/pledge knowledge that features “hazing.” Hazing means

any action taken or scenario developed, whether on or off institution assets, that’s life-threatening to a person;

kidnapping, paddling, slapping, advertising, burning up with a smoke, or such techniques which have been deadly to or are actually meant to harmed as well as to humiliate physically or psychologically an individual.

Hazing can sometimes include but is not simply for these activities when these activities are actually life threatening or intended to damage or even to humiliate literally or emotionally:

regular exercise; scavenger hunts; road trips; any movements which results in higher tiredness, bodily or mental shocks

putting on gear and that’s irritating on the single, or if put on widely, try obvious or maybe not typically in close tastes

carrying out open public stunts or buffoonery; locks cutting; morally degrading or humiliating programs or tasks; offering of groceries or drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) that is definitely distasteful or which is designed to induce nausea or inebriation

any style of mental harassment; any action or scenario which subjugates a specific to a common condition in which he or she might are likely to get rid of self-respect or endure problems for personal or spiritual beliefs

any activities which hinder the student’s scholastic duties

the benefits of using obscenities and vulgarities in clothes, vocabulary, or measures.

It is the work of student company customers and pledges to state quickly, in writing, any infringement of these rules with the suitable pupil considerations expert in the campus where experience taken place. Any breach of these policy would be examined by a person(s) furnished because Chancellor, and suitable disciplinary activity is used adopting the treatments defined during the College’s scholar Judicial signal.


Delgado Community college or university reassure equivalent chance for all qualified persons without regard to run, design, religious or political affiliation, gender, erotic alignment, citizenship, nationwide origins, period, disability/handicap or marital status or veteran’s position, pregnancy, childbirth and relevant medical ailments, in addition to the sickle cell characteristic inside entry to, engagement in or job in systems and tasks with the university.

Delgado neighborhood institution keeps a marked 504/ADA Coordinator and supplies academic variations and reliable products to skilled students. Delgado area university doesn’t separate judging by raceway, tone, gender, institution, nationwide beginnings, get older, or handicap. You aren’t matters or grievances about business granted should call Traci Smothers, alike entry even opportunities policeman, .

Tobacco-Free University Approach

Delgado Community college or university is operating in compliance with Louisiana Revised Statute 40:1300.251-263 to produce a tobacco-free atmosphere. Individual, staff, workers and tourist usage of tobacco smoking made or containing services and products are restricted on all university building, like all areas and within its vehicles. These products feature however they are not constrained to smoke, matches, cigarillos, plumbing, hookah-smoked products, dental and smoke free cigarette products, electronic cigarettes, and any extra items that meet up with the definition of a tobacco product or service as characterized because of the U.S. Food and medication management (Food And Drug Administration). Alleged violations about this rules by students might attended to according to the surgery discussed inside College’s individual Judicial rule plan.

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