It’s used too much to look for forgiveness or even to require license to look at an area for you personally whilst you pass through everyone else.

It’s used too much to look for forgiveness or even to require license to look at an area for you personally whilst you pass through everyone else.

Case: youre going for a walk by and you simply bundle into somebody, one state, Que pena amigo ?te lastime? (Im sorry, have we injure a person?) or perhaps you should transit everyone else and say, Que pena los cuales pena (excuse-me, excuse me) and right away know they have to present approval.

Its such a typical Colombian slang that J. Balvin and Maluma, both from Medellin, experience the tune los cuales Pena.


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Truly yet another way of speaking about a woman.

In Spanish it means about the lady is older, but in Colombia it’s used to mean a female, despite the fact that she is youthful.

Sample: Mira esta vieja bronze buena(EN) check this out horny female.


One of the recommended aspects of touring contained in this place is intending the meals, particularly Colombian desserts.

Some of which can be extremely sweet, so they really were said to be hostigantes.

Situation: Ese arroz con leche es bastante hostigante. (EN) That rice dessert is really nice.


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In Latin The country Chino can often be discussed for a person from China. But also in Colombian jargon children are named Chino or chicks China.

Model: Ese chino se puso a llorar otra vez. (EN) That kid begun weeping once again.


In Spanish in addition it ordinarily means the animals you will find for the wasteland with 2 humps.

In Colombia the term Camello jamaican dating rules is utilized to refer to your job. Case: Al fin me salio camello ensenando ingles en una universidad. (EN) At long last grabbed a career coaching English at a university.

And in actual fact it means hump day, produces so much more good sense with Colombian jargon.


Truly put against someone that particularly fatigued or insistent.

Situation: Este intenso no deja de llamarme. (EN) This discouraging dude maintains phoning me.

Colombian Spanish Words That are not Extremely Nice

You will listen these insults in Colombian jargon on some instances and considering where you happen to be.

It is vital that you bring all things in perspective to understand if you’re being insulted. Sometimes it seems unsightly, but might not completely generally be an insult.

Hijueputa or Jueputa

This word is normal throughout Colombia, anywhere you are going you’ll notice this text much, whilst typically notice motherf*cker in french.

In Latin The usa, its usual to know hijo de puta, but in Colombia it is modified as hijueputa or jueputa.

Frequently actually put whenever things goes wrong, however it’s furthermore put when you fight or should insult some body.

Illustration: Noooo hijueputa I ignored to cover the electricity bill or Este si es muchisimo hijueputa.


This Colombian slang is incredibly popular in Medellin. But is actually a Colombian phrase definitely additionally found in with the rest of Colombia.

Gonorrea are theoretically intimately transmitted infections. But in beloved Colombia it’s used as an insult.

Instance: Entonces que gonorreain numerous instances if you want to become more impolite, you can merge gonorrea with HijueputaEntonces los cuales gonorrea hijueputa. (En) something such as, So just what, gonorrhea daughter of a b*tch.


This Spanish slang is available throughout Latin America, although therefore differs from mild to a substantial vilification.

In Colombia actually an individual who is actually slower or too foolish.

Sample: Este si es un monton huevon. (En) Youre extremely stupid.


Truly a term that will be believed to a person that are badly dressed up, defectively spoken and seems disheveled, this text is the contraction of Companero.

Illustration: Que people tan nero(EN) just what a scruffy guy.


It refers just to the work of experiencing love-making, far away it is accustomed follar, coger, etc.

In Colombia they use culear, eventhough it is not all that nice to mention. Just like f*ck, it’s best that you determine but probably make use of it only amongst family.


Sapo is said to the meddlesome guy.

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